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Reducing unplanned hospital admissions from care homes: an extended and enhanced systematic review

Review questions:

  • What interventions are used in the UK health and social care system to minimise unplanned hospital admissions of care home residents?

  • What candidate interventions, used in other applicable settings, could potentially be used in the UK?

  • What can we learn from research studies and ‘real-world’ evaluations about the effects of such interventions on admissions?

  • What is known about the feasibility of implementing such interventions in routine practice and their acceptability to care home residents, their families and staff?

  • What is known about the costs and value for money associated with these interventions?

Draft report

Risk assessment in mental health of children and young people with a focus on suicidality

We are currently developing the protocol for our latest project on the use of risk assessment in child and adolescent mental health. The project will focus on for whom and in what circumstances do risk assessment change the clinical encounter for children and adolescents and what effect does this have on their mental health outcomes.

Further information to follow and available via the NIHR Funding and Awards website.

How different approaches to signposting impact services for people with health and social care needs

Signposting is frequently undertaken by receptionists within general practice to triage patients and then signpost patients to the correct professional, service or activity within health or social care. This review will focus on two key questions:

1) How do different approaches to signposting impact on services for people with health and social care needs? What works best, for whom, in what circumstances and why?

2) Are there any benefits from implementing options in combination?

Further information to follow.

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