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A scoping and systematic review of primary care interventions to promote medicines optimisation and reduce overprescribing

We are currently undertaking a rapid scoping review of pharmacist-led primary care interventions for overprescribing delivered in the UK and in OECD countries with similar healthcare systems. 

Further information to follow and available via the NIHR Funding and Awards website.

Implementation of interventions to improve discharge planning or increase smart discharge from hospitals to social care: a rapid review

We are currently undertaking a rapid review looking for and bringing together existing research on new initiatives on discharge planning. We are focusing on how best to implement these indicatives, namely their:

Metrics and indicators in primary care

We are currently undertaking a systematic review of metrics and indicators used in quality improvement and organisational development in primary care and general practice. The review will answer the following questions:

For more information about this project visit the NIHR Funding and Awards website.

Mechanisms for Knowledge Mobilisation: Systematic Search and Synthesis of Case Studies with Transferable Lessons

Knowledge mobilisation relates to “sharing knowledge between different communities to create new knowledge to catalyse change”. It involves making sure that information and evidence is accessible, understandable and useful for those who will put it into action to improve research, policy and practice. Much review activity to date has focused on the effectiveness of a multitude of interventions. However these interventions are known to be heavily context-dependent meaning that it is challenging for implementation teams to know which interventions to choose and whether the chosen combination will work as intended. 

Our review seeks to:

For more information about this project visit the NIHR Funding and Awards website.

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